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My name is Giulio Pellegrini, I'm an astrologer residing in Seattle, Washington. I came to astrology through a quest to understand the nature of the cosmos and to find answers to some of life's most enduring questions. Why are we here? What is my purpose? I was on a search for signs of an intelligent and compassionate Universe. In my own natal chart and the charts of others I have witnessed undeniable synchronicities. Through study and discernment I saw the unfoldment of my path and discovered tools and techniques that could be used to heal myself and inspire others to do the same. The study and practice of astrology is an endless journey of discovery leading to deeper and more profound levels of meaningful living. It's a great joy and privilege to share what I have learned.

My Bio

Giulio Pellegrini is a consulting astrologer based in Seattle, WA. His work seeks to bring visibility to the invisible realms of psyche, soul, and spirit through an investigation of the spaces that intersect traditional and modern astrology with esoteric psychology, art, music, and science. Giulio has studied with The Faculty of Astrological Studies and is a certified horary practitioner, STA. He currently serves as Presiding Officer of the Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN). Giulio is delighted to be returning to speak at NORWAC in 2020 and will be lecturing at Great Britain’s Annual Conference and The Great Lakes Astrology Conference later this year.

The Journey So Far

February 2020 - Speaker, IVC Conference - Kolata, India.

May 2019 – Speaker, Northwest Astrological Conference, "Saturn, Ensoulment, and the Birth of Consciousness and Calling."

October 2018 – I-Astrologer Professional Development Program, OPA.

August 2018 – Faculty of Astrological Studies Summer School program, Oxford, England

May 2018 – United Astrology Conference

April 2018 – Enroll Faculty of Astrological Studies diploma program

March 2018 – The Northwest Astrological Conference

November 2017 – Joined the Organization for Professional Astrologers

October 2017 – The Astrology of Consciousness with Alan Oken and Melanie Reinhart, Lisbon, Portugal

August 2017 – Faculty of Astrological Studies Summer School program, Oxford, England

May 2017 – The Northwest Astrological Conference

April 2017 – Completed the School of Traditional Astrology Practitioner's Level Horary Course

June 2016 – Joined the Washington State Astrological Association

May 2016 – The Northwest Astrological Conference

My growing astrological foundation is built atop two decades of independent study in diverse fields of interest including, art, music, psychology, personal growth systems, 12-step recovery, sacred geometry, and development of consciousness.

My Approach

I have found astrology to be a profoundly effective tool for personal transformation. My mission is to help you realize your highest potential and cultivate a relationship with your authentic self that empowers you to achieve your goals. An astrology consultation can give you detailed and intimate knowledge of your unique talents, opportunities and life path. My goal is to make a profound difference in your life by working with you to create the life of your dreams. My counseling style is interactive, relational, and results-focused. I believe that the Universe is calling you toward your highest good.

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